Fear of a drone planet: We have to think about terror in the skies

FearOfADronePlanetUntil recently, when people asked me what I was most scared of, I painted this scene:

Someone stands at the top of the stairs above a subway station, toys with the stopper in bottle, then finally just drops it. It smashes and a huge part of a major U.S. or European city is suddenly uninhabitable.

Nuclear weapons were the nightmare of the ’80s, but today our nightmares are more distributed, more inventively horrific.

My father lectured on nuclear, biological and chemical threats while he was serving in the Royal Navy. He’s always told me that in the event of a nuclear strike the best thing you could hope for is instant death.

When it comes to chemical and biological agents, the answer is most probably the same. Exposure to some of the compounds that we are almost certain are in the hands of extremist groups means, at best, permanent disability.

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