An eerie drone flight under London’s streets

london tunnelThe view begins high above the London rooftops, the kind of eye-view usually seen only by crane operators working in cramped cabins. You descend at a gentle rate, dropping down until you’re at the level of the treetops and office buildings. And then further and further, towards the giant hole that has been dug yards from the busy street.

And then you descend into the hole itself, one which leads onto an enormous tunnel wider than a city street. Hard-hatted workers file through the tunnel, lit by bright industrial lights.  It’s a tour of one of the world’s biggest engineering projects – filmed with a drone.

In the video above, released by Crossrail to mark the end of the project’s tunnelling phase, drone footage is cut with other rarely seen video of a train’s-eye-view of the tunnels.

Running at 16 minutes, it’s an eerie, almost calming, viewing experience – and there’s plenty to discover in the depths. See how eagle-eyed you are watching the video – can you spot the following?

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