DJI Has Released The Latest A2 Firmware V2.4

DJI has released the latest A2 firmware v2.4

DJI has released the latest A2 firmware v2.4, including the following updates: 1, New “Cruise Control” feature where the aircraft will lock into its current horizontal speed when users release the control sticks. The cruise speed can be adjusted by the remote control at any time. 2, New “Banked Turn” mode. The roll and yaw sticks are combined to help perform banked turns. 3, Added a “Home Fence” feature that prevents the aircraft from entering the area directly around the Home point. 4, Support for F-Channel and Action settings in the DJI PC Ground Station. 5, Support for the Dropsafe system. 6, Added the ability to control the aircraft during Return To Home procedures. 7, Emergency position of the mode switch is set to Atti. Mode by default instead of Manual Mode. 8, Added flight limits and airport No-Fly Zones. 9, Obtain initial receiver coordinates more quickly, in cold starts, low satellite signal (foliage/canopy) and loss of satellite signal conditions (indoor, garages, tunnel, etc.). 10, Greater satellite tracking reliability in poor visibility conditions (urban canyon/tall buildings, bridges/underpasses, etc.). 11, Home Lock and Point of Interest performance upgraded.  More Information…

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