Crash-Avoidance System for Drones Aims to Keep Crowded Skies Safe


The skies of tomorrow will be filled with drones. Amazon and Google want to use them for deliveries. Construction companies are eyeing drones for building inspections. Filmmakers are already using drones to find new perspectives for storytelling. And of course, law enforcement agencies want to spy on us with them.

At a certain point, all of these drones are going to start banging into each other in our increasingly crowded skies. How do we prevent dronelock? Daniel Ellis, co-founder of the Michigan-based SkySpecs company has the answer. For the past five years, the SkySpecs team has been working on an object detection and avoidance system for aerial drones that could help even amateur pilots prevent dangerous collisions. Last week the company was accepted into the startup incubator R/GA Accelerator to help it get its first product, Guardian Crash Avoidance, to market.

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