Quadcopter drone ‘deliberately flown at passenger airliner’ over Essex


  • This diagram,  which was provided for the UK Airprox Board's investigation, shows the passenger plane (ATR72) on its flight path (blue line) over Southend in Essex and the estimated closest point of approach (CPA)
  • Plane came within 80ft of colliding with drone as it went to land at Southend
  • Pilot of 74-seater airliner said quadcopter was ‘very close’ to right wing-tip
  • Co-pilot told investigation drone was¬†deliberately¬†flown at aircraft at 1,500ft
  • UK Airprox Board incident report concluded there was ‘high risk of collision’


An airliner came within just 80ft of colliding with a quadcopter drone after it was ‘deliberately flown’ at the passenger plane as it flew over Essex, an official report reveals.

The 74-seater aeroplane was travelling over Southend when the pilot spotted the remote-controlled quadcopter ‘very close’ to the right wing-tip.

An investigation launched into the incident recorded the risk of collision as ‘high’, in what is believed to be the first ever near-miss between a passenger plane and a drone in the UK.


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