The Droning Sounds of John Cale’s Quadcopter Orchestra

John Cale was infatuated with drones long before western superpowers realised they were a particularly convenient way to bomb foreign countries. The Welsh musician can largely be credited with helping to bring the ‘drone’ sound to popular culture, dating back as far as his work in the 1960s with La Monte Young’s Theatre of Eternal Music and central to one of the Velvet Underground’s best-known tracks in Heroin.
So perhaps it shouldn’t have come as that much of a surprise when I saw, courtesy of Giz UK, that Cale would be conducting an art installation-cum-drone orchestra at The Barbican in collaboration with artsy futurist Liam Young. Being a bit of a Velvets fan and knowing my dad was a Cale aficionado with a healthy amount of bootlegs in his collection, this ‘drone symphony’ seemed to be ripe for some left-field father/son bonding. I snapped up a couple of tickets for the second of the two shows, both of which swiftly sold out.Read the full article…

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