Interview with DJI: Future of the Phantom quadcopters


Quadcopters – or ‘small drones’ as they are also known – are enjoying a meteoritic rise in popularity. One brand in particular appears to have made a name for itself in the market. Just like ‘GoPro’ for many people has become synonymous to action camera, ‘DJI Phantom’ increasingly seems to be the first and indeed only quadcopter that comes to mind.

The Phantom is a small aircraft with four propellers, a built-in flight controller with gyroscopes, compass and GPS and a matching white remote control which works at a range of up to one kilometer. DJI is currently offering the second generation of its Phantom, available without camera and in ‘Vision’ and ‘Vision Plus’ models, which respectively add a high definition camera and a high definition camera with gimbal. Prices range from about 550 euros for the regular Phantom 2 to about 1150 euro’s for the Phantom 2 Vision with gyroscopically stabilized gimbal.

Hardware.Info caught up with DJI Innovations PR Manager Michael Perry to talk about the success of the current products and to see if we can get a glimpse of what DJI Innovations has in store for the coming generations of Phantom quadcopters.


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