Parrot shows off its yet-to-launch low-cost Mini Drone & Two-Wheeler


During demo sessions, Parrot’s AR Drone has become a fan favorite, and a leader in the quadcopter space. Able to be piloted by an iPhone, a leap-motion, a Myo, or almost any other controller on the market today, the quadcopters like the AR Drone have been used to shoot live performances at Versailles, to shoot beautiful montages of New York city, or just for the fun of flying a fast-moving quadcopter around the skies.

In Las Vegas this week, the team behind the AR Drone are showing off the flexibility of their technology, demo-ing two new ambitious devices. The first is a Mini-Drone, and works exactly as you would expect. A scaled down version of the AR Drone, the mini-drone packs a mighty punch, as tested out by the guys over at The Verge, and is meant to be just as stable ( & safe) as the larger AR Drone.

The mini-drone will likely be priced under the $299 pricing for the AR Drone, and Parrot hopes to attract adolescent users (& their parents’ credit card) with the scaled down, more affordable version.

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