Multiple UAVs perform autonomous formation flight

Multiple UAVs perform autonomous formation flight (w/ Video)

The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) uses quarter-scale Piper Cub aircraft for research on collaboration between unmanned aerial vehicles. Shown with the aircraft are (l-r) Lora Weiss, Gary Gray, Don Davis and Kyle Carnahan. Credit: Gary Meek

These days, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) typically fly alone with a team of ground operators controlling their activities through teleoperation or waypoint-based routing. But one aircraft can only carry so many sensors, limiting its capabilities. That’s one reason why a fleet of autonomous aircraft can be better than one flying alone.Read the full article…

3D Printing Gives Flight to Unmanned Aircraft


Solid Concepts (…) teams up with Area-I and creates the world’s smallest jumbo jet to test high-risk circulation control systems, conformal fuel tank concepts and other advanced aerospace concepts with SLS 3D printed parts.