Imint and Elbit UAS Field Test New Software

Swedish software company Imintand Israeli unmanned aerial system provider Elbit SystemsUAS division have field tested new software in live flights of the Elbit Skylark I-LE mini-UAS deploying Imint’s Vidview north of Uppsala, Sweden, Oct. 7-9.

Tests were carried out for emergency first response and fire fighting scenarios in conjunction with the Uppsala Fire Brigade, marking completion of a joint research and development project between Imint and Elbit Systems to improve UAS usability in civilian applications. Imint’s software improved visibility and decision-making capabilities, and the trials demonstrated ease of use for novel users.

Elbit Systems UAS division and Imint (Image Intelligence AB) have developed a robust interface between Elbit’s Ground Control Station for the Skylark mini UAS and Imint’s Vidview and Vidhance software.

The companies started a joint project under bilateral Israeli and Swedish research grants in the EUREKA! program, with Vinnova as the Swedish aiding authority. The completed field trials marked the conclusion of the project, which aimed to bring the benefits of Imint’s Vidhance software into the established user interface of the GCS used by Skylark mini UAS operators.

One goal has been to smooth user experience and add visibility capabilities.

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In Her Majesty’s Service

In Her Majesty's Service

The Hermes 450 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), produced by Elbit Systems and used in Afghanistan by the British Army, has recently completed more than 70,000 operational flight hours, a number equivalent to more than eight years of continuous flight.

The Hermes 450 is an advanced tactical UAV, equipped with avionic systems that enable autonomous flight and precise GPS navigation. The system’s electro-optic and infrared sensors and its advanced ground communication system make it possible to detect and identify targets at ranges of nearly 150 kilometers and transfer images to ground stations in real-time.

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Maj. Jonathan Backston, commander of the British Army’s UAV operations in Afghanistan, noted that “this is a vital system that delivers continuous intelligence information. We have added UAVs to the force over the years, and reinforced the cooperation with ground forces.”

The IDF uses the UAV for operational activity in routine security and counterterrorism assignments.

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