Insurers Deploy Drone Fleets to Speed Harvey Disaster Recovery

Fleets of commercial drones are primed to hover over the destruction from Tropical Storm Harvey in an unprecedented test of unmanned aircraft’s ability to assess billions of dollars in damage for the insurance industry and accelerate payouts for harried policyholders.
“Harvey is an opportunity to see whose drones are capable and whose are merely toys,” said George Mathew, chairman and chief executive of Kespry, a drone company based in Menlo Park, California. “Harvey is a seminal moment for the industry.”

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Fire, police drones caught between saving lives, guarding rights

Photo: Mason Trinca, Special To The Chronicle
Kevin White of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District retrieves the drone during a search-and-rescue training at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park.Battalion Chief Jeff Kleven stood onshore peering through the predawn darkness. He couldn’t see if anyone was inside a car partially submerged in the middle of Alameda Creek’s storm-swollen waters.

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JTT Industrial Drone is Guarding the Coast of Australia, Protecting People From Shark Attacks

industrial drone, life-saving drone

SHENZHEN, China, March 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Technology development is the most important force driving mankind forward. As great high-tech innovations are changing people’s lives, the drone industry is booming than ever before. Among them, JTT UAV is a dark horse that the drone industry should not ignore. Continue reading

Martek Marine to play major role in EMSA drone project

Drones used for EMSA project will be compact and maneuverable

Drones used for EMSA project will be compact and maneuverable

Rotherham, U.K., headquartered Martek Marine is to play a key role in one of the world’s maritime drone projects. The company has been awarded a two year contract for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Services from the European Marine Safety Agency (EMSA) that will see it supply drones (Remotely Piloted Aircraft), pilots, long-range antennae, mission control vehicles and ground crew as part of a EUR 67 million EMSA strategy of improving coastguard monitoring and surveillance of maritime activity. Continue reading

Mitchell County to use drone to help emergency responders

Greg Beaver NEW

OSAGE—Mitchell County Emergency Services purchased a drone this month for the county’s emergency responders to use.

“It’s another asset we can utilize now,” Mitchell County Sheriff Greg Beaver said.

Beaver said the sheriff’s office could use the drone for aerial views as it investigates traffic accidents, as well as search and rescue.

Though it has not been used yet, Capt. Kris Olson of the Osage Fire Department said he’s confident it could be used at any time.

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