Drone Spotted Almost 1KM Up Near Halifax, NS, Canada

On Saturday, May 13, pilots reported a drone flying at more than 900 m, west of Halifax Stanfield airport. A drone can cause major damage to a plane. Don’t fly your drone higher than 90 m above the ground. New rules for recreational users: Canada.ca/drone-safety source

Drones prompt ‘flood’ of complaints to police

Many airports have logged near misses between aircraft and drones Police forces in the UK are being “flooded” with reports involving drones, an investigation has said. Last year, more than 3,456 incidents involving drones were recorded, compared with only 1,237 in 2015, PA news agency reported. The numbers suggest about …

DJI Proposes Electronic Identification Framework For Small Drones

DJI Proposes Electronic Identification Framework For Small Drones Remote Identifier Would Provide Accountability While Protecting Drone Operator Privacy March 27, 2017 – DJI, the world’s leading maker of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), Monday proposed an electronic identification framework for UAS that would allow authorities in the United States to identify …

New regulation on drones planned in Germany

Andreas Fuchs Introduction The use of drones (or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) if not used only for private purposes), whether for private or commercial use, is a rapidly developing trend. The use of unmanned airspace causes potential risks to people and properties on the ground, especially in respect of public …

New rules for recreational drone use announced

Those who break any of the rules could be fined up to $3,000. Minister of Transport Marc Garneau announced new regulations for recreational drone users on Thursday.  (ELLEN BRAIT / TORONTO STAR) | ORDER THIS PHOTO