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Airbus has a bold plan for congested metropolitan traffic, they call it Pop-Up.  The city’s of the future meet sci-fi reality in this Airbus modular concept vehicle which can drive like a conventional automobile and fly like a helicopter.

Filming with drones: a legal guide

Sarah Lazarides from law firm Harbottle & Lewis on what you need to know before using a drone on a film shoot.

The evolution of drone technology has been ground-breaking for the film and television industry. For the first time, it is possible to get high quality and dramatic aerial footage without the expense of helicopters or cranes. But following a number of criminal prosecutions for misuse of drones, what are the potential legal pitfalls that producers should be aware of? Here is a brief guide. Continue reading

Drone smashes through woman’s apartment window

Drones learn to land on their own using ‘fuzzy logic’

Fuzzy logic helps the drone make good navigational decisions amid a sea of statistical noise.

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Scientists, including one of Indian origin, are using artificial intelligence called fuzzy logic to get drones to navigate and land themselves on moving platforms without any help. Researchers from University of Cincinnati in the US applied a concept called fuzzy logic, the kind of reasoning people employ subconsciously every day. Instead of seeing the world in black and white, fuzzy logic allows for nuance or degrees of truth. “It’s the only realistic way that drones will have commercially viable uses such as delivering that roll of toilet paper to customers,” said Manish Kumar, associate professor at the University of Cincinnati in the US.

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How the drone went from the latest must have tech toy to a billion-dollar cultural phenomenon

An airbourne drone, CC BY-SA

Of the many technologies to have captured our imaginations over the last five years, there have been few with such lofty aspirations as drones. These high-tech flying machines have opened up new cultural pastimes which bring together hobbyist enthusiasm and a simple human curiosity to take to the skies.

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Global Drone Services Market Research, By Technology, Key Features – Industry Trends, Demand, Growth and Forecast 2017-2021

Drone Services
Drone Services

Research Beam added a report on “Global Drone Services Market Research Report 2017”

Research Beam Studies “Drone Services Market” Report Provides an in-depth Analysis of the current and emerging market trends and dynamics in the global market & Get More Information about This Report:…


A substantial growth accompanied by new avenues presented in different economies have always attracted investors. The Global Drone Services industry is expected to register a steady growth in coming years with trend of technological advancements and innovation. An extensive analysis of sales, production revenue, price trends, gross margin, and growth rate of the industry for the historic period, 2011-2017 and the forecast period, 2017–2021 will help market players in gaining insights for growth. Continue reading

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