Ethan Hawke shot most of his forthcoming biopic with DJI gear

‘Blaze’ tells the story of a troubled country singer through the eye of drones and the DJI Osmo. DJI Ethan Hawke’s forthcoming biopic, Blaze, sees the actor make the move from center stage to the director’s chair. The movie tells the story of the late country and western artist Blaze …

Democratizing the Sky: Drones in Visual Journalism

By James Estrin The New York Times staff photographer Josh Haner was an early adopter of drone photography. His earliest forays were with a $60 gadget that he maneuvered around his living room. Since then, he has aimed ever higher, doing videos and stills high above the Gobi Desert and …

Airbus Urban Mobility

  The Drone News Airbus has a bold plan for congested metropolitan traffic, they call it Pop-Up.  The city’s of the future meet sci-fi reality in this Airbus modular concept vehicle which can drive like a conventional automobile and fly like a helicopter.

Filming with drones: a legal guide

Sarah Lazarides from law firm Harbottle & Lewis on what you need to know before using a drone on a film shoot. The evolution of drone technology has been ground-breaking for the film and television industry. For the first time, it is possible to get high quality and dramatic aerial …

Parrot to pursue profits with commercial drones

Representatives from the French company Parrot demonstrate a prototype of their new Disco drone at the opening event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 4, 2016. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Drone smashes through woman’s apartment window

By Larry Celona, Daniel Prendergast and Reuven Fenton A GoPro Karma foldable droneGetty Images A GoPro drone crashed through a Manhattan woman’s 27th-floor window and landed just feet from her as she sat in her living room enjoying a quiet evening at home, police sources said Sunday.

Drones learn to land on their own using ‘fuzzy logic’

Fuzzy logic helps the drone make good navigational decisions amid a sea of statistical noise. Scientists, including one of Indian origin, are using artificial intelligence called fuzzy logic to get drones to navigate and land themselves on moving platforms without any help. Researchers from University of Cincinnati in the US …