Global UAV Camera Gimbals Market 2017

Global UAV Camera Gimbals Market 2017 : Xiro, Moza, Yuneec, EHang, Nebula, Parrot, KumbaCam, Turbo ace

UAV Camera Gimbals
UAV Camera Gimbals

A market study based on the “UAV Camera Gimbals Market” across the globe, recently added to the repository of Market Research, is titled ‘Global UAV Camera Gimbals Market 2017’. The research report analyses the historical as well as present performance of the worldwide UAV Camera Gimbals industry, and makes predictions on the future status of UAV Camera Gimbals market on the basis of this analysis.

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Top Manufacturers Analysis Of This Report

WenPod (WEWOW)
EVO Gimbals
Big Balance Tech
Turbo ace

The report studies the industry for UAV Camera Gimbals across the globe taking the existing industry chain, the import and export statistics in UAV Camera Gimbals market & dynamics of demand and supply of UAV Camera Gimbals into consideration. The ‘UAV Camera Gimbals’ research study covers each and every aspect of the UAV Camera Gimbals market globally, which starts from the definition of the UAV Camera Gimbals industry and develops towards UAV Camera Gimbals market segmentations. Further, every segment of the UAV Camera Gimbals market is classified and analyzed on the basis of product types, application, and the end-use industries of the UAV Camera Gimbals market. The geographical segmentation of the UAV Camera Gimbals industry has also been covered at length in this report.

The competitive landscape of the worldwide market for UAV Camera Gimbals is determined by evaluating the various industry participants, production capacity, UAV Camera Gimbals market’s production chain, and the revenue generated by each manufacturer in the UAV Camera Gimbals market worldwide.

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The global UAV Camera Gimbals market 2017 is also analyzed on the basis of product pricing, UAV Camera Gimbals production volume, data regarding demand and UAV Camera Gimbals supply, and the revenue garnered by the product. Various methodical tools such as investment returns, feasibility, and market attractiveness analysis has been used in the research to present a comprehensive study of the industry for UAV Camera Gimbals across the globe.

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How 1960s nuclear-fallout math influences today’s drone regulations

Research from drone company DJI details how today’s drone policy involves some questionable assumptions.

Recode photo illustration, original photos via Getty Images

By April Glaser

As countries around the world establish drone regulations, they seem to have settled on using a mass of 250 grams, or about half a pound, as the threshold to require registration and/or further permission to fly. That covers all but the smallest of consumer toy drones.

But a research report from DJI, the world’s largest drone company, suggests that weight is far too conservative — by a factor of almost 10x.

The report, embedded below, is technical and thorough (and, to be sure, self-serving). But it offers an interesting glimpse into how decades-old assumptions are sometimes used — perhaps incorrectly — in modern policy making.

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College Student Creates Drone That Emulates Honeybee Function

We’re buzzing about it.

by Anna Haldewang

When people think about the future, and about drones in particular, sometimes they think in extremes: drones used in military applications, or for surveillance. As we move toward a more tech-centric future, it can be difficult to get past that fear of the unknown. As an industrial design major at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I wanted to counter that perception of drone technology, and design something that would be used for good. To this end, I created Plan Bee, a drone that emulates the function of a honeybee in pollinating home gardens and large-scale agriculture. With this drone, I aim to show that technology can be an extraordinary complement to the natural world.

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Agriculture Drone Market to Reach $3.7 Billion by 2024 – Aided by a Favorable Shift in Regulatory Policies

The global agriculture drone market is expected to reach USD 3,770.0 million by 2024. The increasing technological advancements in equipment and for enhancing the quality of the farming techniques have led to the increased implementation of agriculture drones in the market. Continue reading

Sensors for Robotics – Markets and Forecasts (2017-2027) – Market for Robotic Sensing will Reach Over $16.1 Billion by 2027 – Research and Markets

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Sensors for Robotics: Technologies, Markets and Forecasts 2017-2027” report to their offering.

The report focuses on sensor technologies and components in robotics applications that are currently under development and are enjoying increased visibility, investment and growth. This is mainly due to the capabilities sensors are expected to enable in robotics. Simply put, smarter, sensor-enabled robots that can make decisions based on sensory feedback are expected to have massive societal impact, as such robotic systems will proliferate in many more market segments than current robotic systems address. Continue reading

Waterproof drone bags million dirham prize

The winning projects included a drone that can fly and land on water to save a person from drowning

They invested only a few thousand dirhams and lots of hours into building their drones, now they are walking away with millions in cash.
A total of four winners were announced at the AI/Robotics for Good Award and the UAE Drones for Good Award, where the two national teams won Dh1 million each and the international teams bagged $1 million each.

This was the third annual competition at Dubai Internet City, which encourages tech fans to build drones or robots that can help humanity in some way. Continue reading

Drones Are Turning Civilians Into an Air Force of Citizen Scientists

DJI white drone flying. These unmanned aerial vehicles are

A two-edged rotor

As northern Norway embraces drones for their civilian potential, military units training in the region are swatting them away
A disruption waiting to happen (Photo: Norut)
 By Kevin McGwinDrones still have a long way to go before they become a common sight in the skies above northern Norway. This is not for a lack of effort.

One of the bigger pushes came in 2015, when Tromsø became the home of AUSF, a centre for drone education, training, research and operational services. The outfit is a partnership between Norut, a research institutute; UiT/the University of Tromsø; and Lufttransport, an air ambulance operator.

In 2016, seeking to make sure there was a steady supply of qualified workers to feed the local industry, UiT added a bachelor’s programme in drone technology to its offerings. Continue reading

Turning Dragonflies Into Drones

The DragonflEye project equips the insects with solar-powered backpacks that control their flight

By Emily Matchar

If “dragonfly drones wearing tiny backpacks” doesn’t say “the future is here,” what does?

A project called DragonflEye, conducted by the research and development organization Draper in conjunction with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, is turning the insects into hybrid drones. Live dragonflies are equipped with backpacks containing navigation systems, which tap directly into their nervous systems. The dragonflies can then be “steered” to fly in certain directions. The whole thing is powered by miniature solar panels in the backpacks.

The backpack-wearing dragonflies become living “micro air vehicles,” or tiny drones. These kinds of drones have the potential to work where larger ones can’t, flying indoors or in crowded environments.

Scientists have tried to control insect flight before, explains Joseph J. Register, a biomedical engineer at Draper and senior researcher on the DragonflEye program.

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Global Drone Services Market Research, By Technology, Key Features – Industry Trends, Demand, Growth and Forecast 2017-2021

Drone Services
Drone Services

Research Beam added a report on “Global Drone Services Market Research Report 2017”

Research Beam Studies “Drone Services Market” Report Provides an in-depth Analysis of the current and emerging market trends and dynamics in the global market & Get More Information about This Report:…


A substantial growth accompanied by new avenues presented in different economies have always attracted investors. The Global Drone Services industry is expected to register a steady growth in coming years with trend of technological advancements and innovation. An extensive analysis of sales, production revenue, price trends, gross margin, and growth rate of the industry for the historic period, 2011-2017 and the forecast period, 2017–2021 will help market players in gaining insights for growth. Continue reading