Amazon patents idea of delivery drones with robotic wings and legs to help it land

Amazon has been awarded two patents in which it outlines propellers with robotic adjustable wingtips and legs that act as landing gears to help drones touch down on uneven surfaces.

The e-commerce giant’s latest idea describes an “adjustable landing-gear extension” that can be extended or contracted. Amazon says “distance determining elements” would be able to judge how far the drone is from the ground. Sensors on the landing arm would be able to detect contact with the ground and adjust so that the drone is horizontal and not tilted.

This technology could be key if drones deliver fragile packages on tough terrain.

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Amazon’s new drone delivery plan includes package parachutes

Amazon’s latest patent filing just dropped

Amazon parachute patent

Disney patent seeks to ground peeping drones

by Richard Bilbao

The Walt Disney Co. has had enough with the risk of pesky drones sneaking peeks of ongoing construction or filming for movies.

The company (NYSE: DIS) filed a patent, dubbed Commercial Drone Detection, aimed at intercepting drones launched by fans and media get a listen or a look at private Disney projects.

Specifically, the technology would detect a drone on Disney property, determine if it is Disney-owned or not, and if it’s not Disney’s, the technology could track the communication frequency of the drone to intercept any photos, video or audio the drone captures.

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