How Much Do You Want to Pay for a Drone?

What constitutes a good deal when buying a drone? According to Malek Murison, who writes for, “It depends.”

The most important step is to link purpose to price, he says. That means farmers getting behind the controls for the very first time may have different needs than the seasoned veteran interested in more commercial applications.

Murison divides potential buyers into three basic categories – “just starting out,” “getting serious” and “professional.” Here’s his take on what each category reasonably costs. Continue reading

Agriculture Drone Market to Reach $3.7 Billion by 2024 – Aided by a Favorable Shift in Regulatory Policies

The global agriculture drone market is expected to reach USD 3,770.0 million by 2024. The increasing technological advancements in equipment and for enhancing the quality of the farming techniques have led to the increased implementation of agriculture drones in the market. Continue reading

Sentera Responds to Market Demand Adding TrueNDVI™ to DJI Mavic Drone

Offering growers even more advanced crop scouting solutions

Sentera today announced its ability to convert a DJI Mavic™ drone into a precision scouting tool that collects TrueNDVI™ crop health data. The ultra-lightweight, super-precise Sentera NDVI Single Sensor is integrated onto the pocket-sized Mavic drone, featuring one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever. In a single flight, visual-band RGB, near-infrared (NIR) and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data is simultaneously captured, and then interpreted in the field to quickly detect problem areas and respond with action. The small yet powerful Mavic drone with NDVI Upgrade ensures precision while saving time. Continue reading

How drones are helping design the solar power plants of the future

A cottage industry is growing around new technology for solar power developers to design, build and operate solar farms to help compete with fossil fuel power

Kingsley Chen, the drone fleet coordinator at SunPower, demonstrates the use of a drone to survey land for designing a solar power plant. Photograph: Robert Durrell for the Guardian

Continue reading

AirMap and senseFly partner to advance safety for commercial drones

New partnership delivers robust airspace intelligence and unmanned traffic management solutions to senseFly’s largely autonomous commercial drones

AirMap, the world’s leading airspace management platform for drones, and senseFly, the world’s first choice producer of mapping drones, today announced that they have partnered to deliver AirMap’s airspace services to senseFly’s eBee fixed wing drones and albris quadcopter.

AirMap’s airspace platform services will be directly integrated into senseFly’s eMotion flight and data management software, providing professional operators and their drones with critical information and tools to enable safe missions. Continue reading

senseFly receives first Swiss approval for anytime BVLOS operations

senseFly has become the first drone operator to be granted anytime Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) authorisation in Switzerland.

senseFly has become the first drone operator to be granted anytime Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) authorisation in Switzerland. The country’s Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) has granted senseFly permission to fly any of its eBee-branded mapping solutions beyond the visual sight of a drone’s operator, using observers, without the need to set-up a flight operation ‘Danger Area’ beforehand.

“This country-wide, anytime BVLOS authorisation is a first for Switzerland and we are delighted to be working closely with FOCA to pioneer this kind of flexible, extended use,” said Jean-Christophe Zufferey, senseFly’s CEO. “While this permission is valid only for senseFly, it opens the door for our Swiss eBee customers to apply for, and enjoy, similarly flexible flight conditions. This will, in turn, allow them to grow their businesses by taking on larger, more complex projects.” Continue reading

Agribotix™ partners with senseFly

Agribotix™ partners with senseFly to offer agricultural clients a professional-grade, end-to-end drone & data processing solution

The eBee SQ agricultural drone powered by Agribotix FarmLens gives users the unique ability to perform the full crop scouting workflow in the field: fly large areas efficiently, capture ground truthing images, make notes, and share detailed information about trouble spots with farmers from the field. FarmLens users gain valuable insights about crop conditions without having to become experts in data processing.

The eBee SQ agricultural drone powered by Agribotix FarmLens gives users the unique ability to perform the full crop scouting workflow in the field: fly large areas efficiently, capture ground truthing images, make notes, and share detailed information about trouble spots with farmers from the field. FarmLens users gain valuable insights about crop conditions without having to become experts in data processing.

By combining the eBee SQ, senseFly’s advanced, long-range agricultural drone with Agribotix’s award-winning FarmLens™ cloud processing platform, the companies have created an easy-to-use solution that is perfectly optimised for the early identification and troubleshooting of crop issues. Continue reading

senseFly to Unveil new RTK/PPK-Ready, Large Coverage Mapping Drone at INTERGEO 2016

New eBee Plus system includes: long-flying fixed-wing airframe;
photogrammetry-optimised RGB sensor; next-gen flight & data management software


Cheseaux-Lausanne, Switzerland, 5 October 2016senseFly, the world’s first choice producer of professional mapping drones, will introduce its next-generation fixed-wing system for survey-grade photogrammetric mapping, the eBee Plus, at INTERGEO 2016 on Oct. 11 in Hamburg, Germany.

“The eBee Plus system is the ultimate tool for geospatial organisations that demand photogrammetric-quality mapping,” said senseFly’s CEO, Jean-Christophe Zufferey. “With its unique upgradeable RTK/PPK functionality and flight time of almost an hour, this simple, largely automated solution is perfect for professionals working in fields such as surveying, construction and GIS who require a highly efficient method of data collection with survey-grade accuracy.”

The eBee Plus offers geospatial professionals 3 key benefits:

1.      Large coverage for optimal efficiency: the eBee Plus can map more hectares per flight than any drone in its weight class.

2.      High Precision on Demand (HPoD): the eBee Plus includes built-in RTK/PPK functionality, activated immediately or later on demand, for survey-grade accuracy that the operator controls.

3.      Project-perfect payloads: a camera is available to suit every application, including the new senseFly S.O.D.A. (supplied)—the first sensor developed specifically for
drone photogrammetry work.

A comprehensive solution
Built upon senseFly’s proven, safety-focused autopilot technology, the eBee Plus features three component parts, each developed with photogrammetric mapping in mind:

·         eBee Plus — a light yet rugged fixed-wing drone with elongated wingspan for stable, long-duration flights of close to one hour.

·         Compact senseFly S.O.D.A. sensor — senseFly’s proprietary, high-resolution RGB camera. This features a 1-inch sensor & global shutter, and is capable of capturing ultra-sharp images with a spatial resolution of 2.9 cm (flying at 122 m/400 ft AGL)

·         eMotion 3 flight & data management software — the next-generation of senseFly’s easy-to-use, feature-packed ground station software, featuring a full 3D flight environment, mission block flight planning, cloud connectivity, free updates & more

Survey grade-ready
A breakthrough innovation of the eBee Plus is High Precision on Demand (HPoD). This describes the drone’s built-in upgrade path to real-time and post-processing correction (RTK/PPK) functionality. Once activated by the user, this paid enhancement boosts the system’s achievable horizontal/vertical absolute accuracy to 3 cm/5 cm without the need for ground control points—dramatically reducing expensive, time-consuming field work.

Every eBee Plus will be supplied with four FREE weeks of RTK/PPK activation, activated on demand when the customer chooses.

Highly efficient

Designed to meet the demands of professionals whose bottom lines depend on maximising daily flight time and data collection, the eBee Plus flies for almost an hour, across a range of conditions and altitudes. Therefore, it can document 220 ha (540 ac) in a single 122 m/400 ft flight—a larger area on one battery charge than any other fixed-wing drone in its weight class. Meanwhile the system’s maximum single-charge coverage (flying significantly higher above ground level1) is 40 km2 or 15.4 mi2.

The drone’s supplied eMotion 3 software boosts an operator’s efficiency still further through the inclusion of pre-programmed mission blocks, which make planning flight lines and altitudes an automated one-click task. eMotion 3 also includes: multi-flight missions (so users need only swap the battery and hand-launch again to continue their project); multi-zone flights (for the simple mapping of complex sites); the importation of elevation models; live weather updates; automatic terrain-adapted 3D flight planning and much more.

“The eBee Plus system is a smart investment for any organisation interested in the efficient collection of its geospatial data. Plus, thanks to the system’s range of optional cameras, operators have the flexibility to tackle virtually any mapping job,” said Zufferey.

Payload flexibility

Specifically, the eBee Plus can carry the full line of senseFly fixed-wing RGB, thermal and multispectral sensors, including the recently introduced Parrot Sequoia for agricultural work and the thermoMAP for producing thermal maps. The drone’s camera bay also accepts existing eBee payloads, while the senseFly S.O.D.A. is itself backward-compatible with operators’ existing eBee and eBee RTK drones. eMotion 3, meanwhile, can also be used to manage the flights and data of all senseFly UASs2, both fixed-wing and rotary.

1 – 2,500 m (8,202 ft) AGL / 2 – except eBee SQ (eMotion Ag Supplied)

eBee Plus availability: The eBee Plus photogrammetric mapping system is available to order immediately via senseFly’s global network of distributors (

See the eBee Plus in action at InterGEO: senseFly staff will display and discuss the eBee Plus mapping system in Hall A1, Booth D1.025. senseFly will also conduct live demo flights at the Flight Zone outside the InterGEO exhibition hall on: Tues Oct 11 (14.30), Wed Oct 12 (15.30) and Thurs Oct 13 (13.30).


senseFly’s INTERGEO Presentations (forum hall A2 IAS.32): Aerial Photography podium discussion (Tuesday Oct 11, 11.30), Meet the Future of Drone Surveying (Tues Oct 11, 15.10 & Thursday Oct 13, 14.20).

FREE upcoming webinar: Drone Surveying 101 — Experienced Operators Discuss Cost, Achievable Accuracy, Workflows & more. When: Wed Nov 16, 10:00 EST/16:00 CET. Registration page: here.