Ask The Experts — An Agriculture Drone Q&A

At the end of senseFly’s recent Ag Drone Insights webinar, we reserved time for an open Q&A session. The questions were submitted by viewers from around the globe. The answers meanwhile were provided by the event’s three expert presenters: Norm Lamothe of Deveron UAS, Erick Lebrun of AIRINOV and Nathan Stein, senseFly’s ag solutions manager.

This post details their responses in full, covering topics such as: flight heights, achievable accuracy, what makes for good data, in-field targeting and more. Continue reading

How Much Do You Want to Pay for a Drone?

What constitutes a good deal when buying a drone? According to Malek Murison, who writes for, “It depends.”

The most important step is to link purpose to price, he says. That means farmers getting behind the controls for the very first time may have different needs than the seasoned veteran interested in more commercial applications.

Murison divides potential buyers into three basic categories – “just starting out,” “getting serious” and “professional.” Here’s his take on what each category reasonably costs. Continue reading

Agriculture Drone Market to Reach $3.7 Billion by 2024 – Aided by a Favorable Shift in Regulatory Policies

The global agriculture drone market is expected to reach USD 3,770.0 million by 2024. The increasing technological advancements in equipment and for enhancing the quality of the farming techniques have led to the increased implementation of agriculture drones in the market. Continue reading

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