UPS Using Drones to Deliver Medical Samples

by Emily Folk

The commercial use of drones is no longer such a novel concept. In recent years, several industries have adopted drone technology for a diverse variety of applications. To provide just one example, real estate professionals use them for aerial photography and videos, allowing for an extensive view of a property.

Other industries, like construction, have used drones for similar purposes, and they serve a function in law enforcement and agriculture as well. With each passing year, companies entrust greater responsibility to unmanned aerial vehicles. Their capacity for complex tasks has continued to expand, creating new opportunities.

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IMGING Becomes First Drone Platform With On-Site Roof Measurements, Adds AI Damage Detection for Commercial Roofs

New IMGING app updates bring innovative possibilities for claims adjusting and roofing

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, March 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Loveland Innovations, maker of advanced data gathering and AI analysis solutions, added ground-breaking enhancements to its inspection platform, IMGING®. These enhancements include drone-based on-site measurements, AI and deep learning-powered damage detection for commercial roofs, and other powerful updates.

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Leaders in Ocean Drones and Sensors Merge to Form Sofar Ocean Technologies

$7M Series A Led by Peter Rive, True Ventures and David Sacks’ Craft Ventures

SAN FRANCISCO, March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ocean data startup Spoondrift and OpenROV, maker of underwater drones, today announced they have merged to form Sofar Ocean Technologies. In tandem with the merger, Sofar announced a $7 million Series A financing round led by Peter Rive (SolarCity founder and CTO), with participation from True Ventures and David Sacks’ Craft Ventures. Peter Rive will be joining as chairman and taking an active role in the company.

The Sofar Trident Underwater Drone diving beneath the surface. Sofar Ocean Technologies is the result of a merger between leading ocean drone and sensor companies.
The Sofar Trident Underwater Drone diving beneath the surface. Sofar Ocean Technologies is the result of a merger between leading ocean drone and sensor companies.
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The eVTOL aircraft market is estimated to be USD 162 million in 2025

and is projected to reach USD 411 million by 2030, at a CAGR of 20.42%

NEW YORK, March 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The demand for increased efficiency in commercial operations is the key factor influencing the growth of the eVTOL aircraft market.

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The eVTOL aircraft market is estimated to be USD 162 million in 2025 and is projected to reach USD 411 million by 2030, at a CAGR of 20.42% during the forecast period. The demand for enhanced efficiency & human safety and increasing investment activities are expected to drive the market. However, the limited reliability of eVTOLs during transportation and the inability to predict the external environment are expected to hinder the market.

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See the Invisible: ICI Releases Drone Sensors That Prevent Explosions and Fires

ICI Cameras, Sensors and Drone
ICI Cameras, Sensors and Drone

BEAUMONT, Texas, March 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Infrared Cameras Inc. (ICI) is releasing a line of multi-sensor payloads specifically designed for the unmanned aerial inspection market. Working closely over the past few years with many industry leaders, ICI has developed the equipment and methods for efficiently inspecting critical assets via unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These industries include petrochemical (upstream, midstream and downstream), power distribution, alternative energy, and infrastructure. 

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Kespry Announces Mining, Aggregates, Insurance, and Inspection

Kespry Announces Mining, Aggregates, Insurance, and Inspection Enterprise Growth, and New Strategic Funding to Enhance AI-Augmented Aerial Intelligence Platform

Salesforce Ventures invests in Kespry to enhance end-to-end digital experience for insurance clients and their customers

MENLO PARK, Calif., March 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Kespry, the leading drone-based aerial intelligence solution provider, today announced significant growth across the mining, aggregates, insurance, and inspection industries, which continue adopting its technology at a rapid pace. Kespry is now used by more than 210 of America’s mining and aggregates firms, including 43 new companies in the last 12 months. The company’s platform is also seeing widespread use across Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 insurance companies. In addition, XAP 360, the leading commercial property assessment and inspection company, has standardized on Kespry across its operations. Recently, Kespry also launched a new enterprise relationship with DJI to further expand its drone portfolio.

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Drone expert says some drone users either don’t know or don’t care about the law

Drones have now been banned from flying within 5km of an airport … but an expert says it will only be effective if it’s policed robustly and there are other strict rules that drone users are flouting.

The Government brought in the new rule change on Wednesday (March 13) and says this is the start to a far tougher approach to governing how drones are flown. New penalties for breaking the law on misusing drones range from fines to life imprisonment if the device is intentionally used to cause violence.

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DJI Drones Comply With New Transport Canada Requirements For Advanced Operations

DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, is pleased to declare that nine of its drone models comply with the latest Transport Canada regulations for advanced drone operations in controlled airspace. This allows DJI customers to continue using their preferred drones in these operations after June 1, when Transport Canada’s new regulatory framework for civilian drone operations takes effect across Canada.

“Transport Canada wants to ensure that drones operated in advanced missions are high-quality, reliable products. While DJI drones meet our own high quality assurance requirements, we have spent the last few months diligently reviewing our documentation, safety standards and administrative processes to ensure they comply with Transport Canada’s new requirements,” said David Hansell, DJI Public Policy Manager. “We can now declare official compliance with those requirements, allowing our customers to use our drones in controlled airspace without interruption.”

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Yuneec International and Mobilicom form Strategic Partnership for the Commercial & Federal Drone Market

New drone solutions that are optimal for long-range, non-line-of-sight, beyond-line of sight and urban operations within applications including Security, Public Safety, Disaster Relief, and Naval Operations
March 6, 2019 – Yuneec International and Mobilicom have entered into a strategic partnership to offer the Commercial & Federal market new advanced solutions for their unmanned aerial needs. The cooperation focuses on the development of two innovative Commercial and Federal drone solutions, based on Yuneec´s commercially proven hexacopter H520, well-known for its high reliability, safety and precision, and Mobilicom´s innovative SkyHopper and LTE technology. Both sUAS, which will be called H520 SkyHopper and H520 SkyHopper LTE, will incorporate high-end cyber security and encryption, dedicated frequencies and interference-avoidance capabilities, and will be offered as customizable, flexible and scalable end-to-end solutions.
“In listening to the needs of our Commercial & Federal customers within this segment, it was our objective to come up with a solution that would answer their pain points. The partnership with Mobilicom enables us to successfully address these unmet needs and offer them two groundbreaking products”, stated Joe Schamuhn, CEO of Yuneec Europe.
High End Security & Interference Avoidance
The Commercial & Federal drone solutions will provide a highly secure offering that includes High-End validated encryption, Dedicated and ISM Frequency Bands, Software Defined Radio or LTE + Secured Server Data Links and ISM jamming resistance. Both sUAS also mitigate backdoor cyber risks that are of high concern by Federal organizations in leading Western countries.

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FlytBase and Skysense Partner to Bring Fully-Automated, Low-cost Drone-in-a-box Solution to Market

As drone operations continue to grow in 2019, businesses are looking for ways to automate and scale their operations to achieve a greater ROI. The industry is moving towards autonomous BVLOS (beyond the visual line of sight) – remote drone operations and exploring the technologies such as drone in a box (drone docking-stations or hangars) and connectivity over 4G/LTE or 5G.

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Highly experienced pilot can’t believe people start flying drones with no instruction whatsoever

One of the RAF’s former top instructors is on a new mission … to make the skies safer.

Squadron leader Andy Holland used to fly ground attack Tornadoes at speeds of around 650mph … and is now a British Airways pilot responsible for the safety of 469 passengers each time he’s at the controls of the giant double-decker long-haul Airbus A380.

But when he’s not doing that the 48-year-old father-of-four is teaching people how to fly drones.

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