Aviation Authority

If you are flying as a hobbyist or operating an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as part of a business, you should know the rules and regulations governing your activity in your country.

• International Civil Aviation Organization of the United Nations (ICAO), www.icao.int
Australia – Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), www.casa.gov.au
Belgium – Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport, www.mobilit.fgov.be/fr/ , www.mobilit.fgov.be/nl/
Brazil – National Civil Aviation Agency Of Brazil, www.anac.gov.br
Canada – Transport Canada, www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/menu.htm
Chile – Directorate General of Civil Aviation, www.dgac.gob.cl
China – Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), www.caac.gov.cn
France – Directorate General for Civil Aviation, www.dgac.fr
Germany – Federal Office For Civil Aviation Of Germany, www.lba.de/EN/
Greece – Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, www.hcaa.gr
Hong Kong – Civil Aviation Department, www.cad.gov.hk
Netherlands – Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, www.ilent.nl/onderwerpen/transport/luchtvaart/
New Zealand – Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand(CAA), www.caa.govt.nz
Norway – Civil Aviation Authority Of Norway, luftfartstilsynet.no/caa_no/
Iceland – Icelandic Transport Authority, www.icetra.is
India – Directorate General Of Civil Aviation, dgca.nic.in
Ireland – Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), www.iaa.ie
Israel – Civil Aviation Authority, caa.gov.il
Italy – Italian Civil Aviation Authority, www.enac-italia.it
Japan – Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, www.mlit.go.jp
Jamaica – Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, www.jcaa.gov.jm
Mexico – Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Mexico, sct.gob.mx/transporte-y-medicina-preventiva/aeronautica-civil/
Russia – Federal Air Transport Agency, www.favt.ru
South Korea – Korea Office of Civil Aviation, koca.go.kr
Sweden – Swedish Transport Agency, www.transportstyrelsen.se
Switzerland – Federal Office for Civil Aviation, www.uvek.admin.ch
United Kingdom – Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), www.caa.co.uk
United States Of America – Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), www.faa.gov
Vietnam – Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, www.caa.gov.vn

Please consult Wikipedia for countries not listed above: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_civil_aviation_authorities