IDTechEx Research Report on New Robotics and Drones Provides Global and Comprehensive Assessment

Robots are becoming uncaged, mobile, collaborative and increasingly intelligent and dexterous, moving beyond their traditional strongholds to bring automation to previously inaccessible tasks. In their brand new report New Robotics and Drones 2018-2038: Technologies, Forecasts, Players, IDTechEx Research provide a global, comprehensive, and detailed assessment of the robotics and drones technologies and markets. Crucially this report explains what the emerging ‘new’ robotics is and why new robotics is being commercialized now.

The report shows how the world of robotics and drones is changing. Industrial robotic arms have entered a growth supercycle thanks to the rise of automation in China. This trend, with some ups and downs, will shape the short- to medium-term future of this market. The robotic arm technology will also continue, at pace, its penetration into new markets driven by the spread of collaborative, surgical and milking robotic arms. This is, however, only a part of the picture. In parallel to traditional robots, a new class of robots are emerging. These new robots and drones will grow in prominence in the medium-term whilst coming to dominate the market in the long-term, transforming a number of industries. It is thanks to these new robots and drones that the overall market will grow by a factor of nearly 3 and 7 in the next 10 and 20 years respectively, forecasts IDTechEx.

New Robotics and Drones 2018-2038: Technologies, Forecasts, Players is unique in its depth and breadth. It looks at both existing and emerging applications, covering industrial, collaborative, surgical and 3D printing robots; autonomous robotic cleaners; robotic lawn mowers; retail and security robots; agricultural robots; logistics; drones; and much more. Indeed, it provides twenty-year forecasts in value and unit numbers for 46 categories, painting a comprehensive and quantitative picture of this major transformation. IDTechEx takes the long (twenty-year) view since their technology roadmap suggests that many applications will make an impact only in the longer term.

Furthermore, the report provides in depth technology analysis, assessing the trends in performance and price of key enabling hardware and software technologies whilst considering likely technology development roadmaps. IDTechEx also provide detailed profiles of the key companies and innovative entities working on new robotics and drones.

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