EP pushes for more safety in aviation and approves a formal regulation for drones

After 11 hours of non-stop negotiations, the trilogue on the revision of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) was concluded, yesterday. The new proposal introduces risk and performance-based rules, closing some safety gaps and linking safety more closely with other domains such as security and the environment. It strengthens EASA’s role in coordinating intelligence information on flying over conflict zones. It also introduces essential requirements for drones as currently there was no regulation.

Safety first.

For air passengers, safety is the first priority. Recent missile launches by North Korea made clear that flying over certain conflict zones endangers aviation safety.

Matthijs van Miltenburg, D66/ALDE member of the TRAN Committee proposed mandatory information sharing between intelligence services from the Member States concerning risks arising from conflict zones. Fragmented intelligence information should be avoided. Therefore Van Miltenburg proposed a comprehensive EU risk assessment. The recommendations provided by EASA will prevent airlines from flying over conflict zones. These proposals are successfully reflected in the final agreement.

Regulation on drones. To date, no European legislation on drones below 150kg exists. From now on, drones will need to be registered as well as the operator. Moreover the ALDE proposal for a digital harmonised drones registration system was adopted by both Council and Commission. The result is that from now on drones can be safely integrated into European airspace.

Matthijs van Miltenburg, D66/ALDE member of the TRAN Committee, said “the European Parliament successfully linked fragmented intelligence information on risks arising from conflict zones. We must not compromise on aviation safety. I welcome the new regulatory framework on the civil use of drones, which is a real milestone. It is of great importance that European rules are both flexible and future proof not to hamper technological developments in our innovative European drones sector.”

This measure, among others proposed, will help guarantee more safety for flight travellers, aviation companies and employees. Above all, it will play an important role in order to provide security and safety for civilians all over Europe.

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