Vertical Images: from film making to inspection, and why flying won’t be the focus of future drone businesses

Successful drone entrepreneur Petr Lněnička went from award-winning filmmaker to drone inspection leader in his native Czech Republic. Here he lays out 3 pieces of advice and explains why for him, the transition seemed logical, and why he believes the future of drone mapping services will place less and less emphasis on drones and more and more weight on mapping data.

Petr Lněnička was working as filmmaker when aerial footage became a hot commodity. “In 2011 it was something pretty new and unusual and we actually had to have it,” recalls Petr. “But at that time in Czech Republic, there was basically no one to supply us with quality footage.” So he started filming himself. With no background in RC flying, Petr and his nephew Tomas founded their own company in 2012 after purchasing an S800 copter drone from the then-new DJI. Vertical Images was one of the first three companies to be certified by the Czech civil aviation authority, and boasted over 200 flight hours by the end of the year.

Head pilots Tomas and Daniel are carrying our biggest copters, we call them Destiny, with take off weight of 32kg, mainly used for cinema filming
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