Leidos Flight Service Tests Drone Deconfliction Program

TAMU Corpus Christi

The Leidos UAS Notification Service aims to provide unmanned aircraft pilots with the information needed to avoid conflicts.

With an exponential increase in the number of unmanned aircraft flying in U.S. airspace, Leidos Flight Service is in the process of testing its Leidos UAS Notification Service, which was launched in September.

The service is being tested as part of the FAA UAS Pathfinder Program with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, which uses UAS to survey railways and bridges, with the aim of preventing conflicts between commercial UAS, military and general aviation operations.

These “deconfliction” test flights are also conducted beyond visual line-of-sight between the operator and the UAS – a flight profile that is currently not allowed for civilian UAS operators under the small unmanned aircraft rule (Part 107).

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