Watch Out Amazon And Google, Walmart Could Have A Drone Delivery System In The Works

Walmart has been granted a patent for a drone delivery system as it looks to lock horns with Google and Amazon. The patent filing states that drones will be used for in-store product delivery in Walmart’s various outlets.  ( Andreas Rentz | Getty Images )


The retail war between Amazon and Walmart continues with full vigor and the latter seems to be catching up with the former fast.

In its fourth fiscal quarter, Walmart experienced a significant rise of 29 percent in its online sales. The big box U.S. retailer also ousted eBay to grab the second place in the online e-commerce sector in 2016. Now it seems that Walmart has more tricks up its arsenal to throw the gauntlet to Amazon – a drone delivery system.

That’s right! Walmart has been granted a patent for in-store drone delivery systems, putting it in the same league as Google and Amazon.

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