Insurers deploy drones to check claims by farmers

With fraudulent claims on the rise, drones give a clearer picture of ground reality

The use of drones for agricultural surveys by insurance companies is fast catching up. Images from the drones are their latest tools in assessing crop damages and catching insurance frauds.

Farmers buy insurance for one type of crop but sow another crop, and then claim damages. In such situations, drone surveys are helping catch the discrepancies and fraudulent claims, says Rajeev Chaudhary, Chief Risk Officer at Agriculture Insurance Company of India.

Citing an example, he said that in Rajkot, Gujarat, there are many instances where farmers have taken insurance for the groundnut crop, which is a risky and vulnerable crop, but sowed cotton. Since the harvesting time of both the crops is different, drone surveys were carried out to get a clear picture on the ground, he said.

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