Drones find more sharks off Redhead beach than Ballina


“Sixteen of the Redhead beach shark sightings comprised sharks of two metres or larger, 10 of which were identified as bull sharks and one as a white shark,” the spokeswoman said.

The trial at Redhead was expanded for the school holidays after a drone found a three-metre great white shark among surfers in mid-December.

Drones scanned the Redhead surf most mornings, and their operators’ tip-offs prompted lifeguards to clear the surf or close the beach several times.

A video released by Primary Industries shows a bull shark within 15 metres of a jet-ski rider off Redhead, another bull shark 25 metres from a board rider, as well as hammerhead and whaler sharks close to shore.

It also confirms Redhead as a habitat for turtles, cownose rays and fairy penguins.

The drone trial was declared a success by Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair, whose department issued a release titled “Saving lives with eyes in the sky”.

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