Malaysia: Mada deploys drones to spray pesticide on paddy plants

Mada chairman Datuk Othman Aziz. — Bernama

ALOR STAR: The Muda Agricultural Development Authority (Mada) has turned to technology by deploying drones in place of humans to spray pesticide on paddy plants.

Its chairman, Datuk Othman Aziz said the “low volume spray” Agriculture Drone has a 10 litre tank, is fully automatic and equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS).

“Agriculture Drone can overcome labour shortage in the rice industry and control pest. It is accurate, fast and economical. It takes five minutes to spray one relung (0.288ha) or one day to spray 20ha.

“Humans need eight hours to cover two or three relong,” he said after the launch of Agriculture Drone here, today.

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