Drones banned over falls

By Maryanne Firth

A drone.

Concerns over drone activity have led to a request from the local police board for signage prohibiting the small aircraft from flying over Niagara Falls.

Niagara Regional Police services board chairman Bob Gale brought the issue forward at Thursday’s meeting, calling on Niagara Parks Commission to consider adding signs around the famous falls to help curb usage of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the area.

It was brought to his attention during Tuesday’s Niagara Falls city council meeting that a drone was recently seen flying over the falls, crossing over to the American side before returning to Canadian soil.

Questions then arose about who should be called if citizens believe they’re witnessing illegal drone activity, Gale said.

“Who governs this? What are the laws of this? How do we stop it?” he asked.

There are concerns, he added, that drones could be flown across the river to possibly drop off contraband before returning.

Police Chief Jeff McGuire urged anyone who sees a drone being operated in a dangerous or illegal manner to contact police.

“If they see them somewhere they don’t think they should be, they need to let us know.”

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