Civil Aviation Authority sets up drone advice website following near misses

flying drone

A website offering advice to owners of drones has been set up by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) following a number of near-misses with aircraft.

The site includes a code of conduct called the Dronecode, which has been revised in a bid to make it easier to understand.

Some 58 near misses involving drones have featured in UK Airprox Board reports over the past 12 months.

A number of European aviation associations have called for mandatory drone registration and training for their owners due to the increasing number of near-accidents with aircraft.

A system launched in the US last year requires owners of drones over a size to register their device on a central database.

In July an Airbus A320 passenger plane had a “very near-miss” with a drone near the Shard in central London.

The pilot estimated that the drone flew within 20m of his aircraft at an altitude of 1.5km as he approached Heathrow Airport.

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