Real Estate Marketing Reaches a New Level

Drone Technology Offers Agent’s New Opportunities

Ft. Myers, FL, November 21, 2016–  Southwest Florida commercial drone company, Soaring Sky, is offering Real Estate Professionals an opportunity to show off listings using state-of-the-art drone technology. In an industry that is dominated by visuals, aerial photographs give agents the edge when it comes to selling homes and property. Professional photos can help agents sell listings faster, all while generating more online views*.  Why does this matter?  

“When it comes to the real estate industry, professionals should always be looking for the next great opportunity,” said Soaring Sky Co-Founder, Ryan Cowell. “Aerial Photography is revolutionizing real estate marketing, and we are quickly setting the industry standard when it comes to high-quality visuals.”

Real Estate Photography Packages at Soaring Sky start at just $99 and include 8 images, capturing 360 Degree views of the property, professional editing, and more. Potential add-ons include community and interior photographs, full productions, and 3D tours.  All of these services are specifically designed to incentivise  potential home-buyers. With 92% of homebuyers using the internet as their first point of reference, these visuals matter**. So why choose Soaring Sky? As an established organization with the largest drone fleet in Florida, Soaring Sky eliminates any risk to the Real Estate Agent.  Soaring Sky pilots are certified by the FAA to operate drones, and the organization is fully FAA approved and insured.

“We are dedicated to providing services to help our community grow,” said Cowell. “Our technology represents huge potential success for our clients in real estate.”

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