India’s Rustom-II combat UAV completes first flight test

  The Rustom-II TAPAS 201 has a flight endurance of 24 hours, and can be used for both combat and non-combat roles. Photo by DRDO

Defense researchers in India have hailed the first flight of the Rustom-II long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle as a success.

The Rustom-II TAPAS 201 completed its maiden flight on Wednesday in a test conducted by India’s Defense Research and Development Organization, or DRDO. The event took place at the Aeronautical Test Range in Chitradurga, roughly 155 miles from Bangladore.

Officials say the UAV successfully accomplished all main objectives during the test, including takeoff, bank, level flight, and landing. DRDO reports” target=”_blank”} the aircraft was the first R&D prototype to undergo certification and qualification from the Center for Military Airworthiness & Certification and Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance.

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