HES Energy Systems Hywings drone flies up to 500km and 10 hours non-stop

HES Energy Systems Hywings drone flies 500km and 10 hours non-stop. It is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

A revolutionary civilian drone that flies up to 500km and for 10 hours non-stop is now on sale through a Singapore-based company.

HES Energy Systems says it has successfully developed hydrogen fuel cell technology that generates electricity to power its Hywings drone. It says its aerospace-grade fuel cell technology is 3 to 5 times lighter than lithium batteries. And it sees UAVs flying 50 to 80 hours continuously on hydrogen fuel as around the corner.

Small, electric drones typically fly for less than an hour on one battery charge.

“At a total takeoff weight of just 7kg, hydrogen UAVs such as Hywings can cover larger areas of land faster, while removing the need for catapult launchers or runways typically required by larger, heavier and more expensive systems,” says chief executive Taras Wankewycz.

Mr Wankewycz says the UAV is available now to buy with everything included — choice of power system, choice of sensor and ground control station included. He would not disclose the cost but he says it has two levels. One version of the UAV is fuelled by hydrogen stored as a gas (lower cost), the other by hydrogen made on demand from chemicals (higher cost).

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