Good to know: Using a drone to bring sausages to your hot tub will get you fined

It’s the timeless story of a man, a hot tub, a sausage, a drone, and the hefty fine that ruined their good time. Vice reports that an Australian man known only as Tim is in both figurative and literal hot water after using a drone to bring him a sausage from a local vendor as he lounged in a hot tub.

Funny, right? Not to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA), who may slap the Aussie with a fine of up to $9,000 AUD ($7,000 USD) for his tomfoolery.

“A busy retail car park is never a sensible place to fly a drone,” CASA spokesman Peter Gibson told local news. “If the drone flyer lost control of the machine right above the people at the sausage sizzle there would be a real risk of injury.” Sounds like this buzzkill could use a good soak himself.

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