Drone World Expo Highlights Commercial UAV Operations

Drone World Expo 2016 attracted a large crowd to the San Jose Convention Center. Photo: Matt Thurber

Drone World Expo, which serves the commercial drone industry, opened yesterday at the San Jose Convention Center in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nearly 60 exhibitors filled the crowded exhibit hall, with companies offering everything from purpose-built agricultural drones to multiple types of drones designed for industrial inspection, surveying and monitoring.

Chip-makers Intel and Qualcomm highlighted how their technology is powering drone design. Qualcomm’s exhibit area included a small drone cage for live demos of its Snapdragon Flight single-board drone technology. Intel showed off all of its UAV group’s products, including the LED-carrying Shooting Star drones, which recently flew in a 500-drone nighttime lighting effects demonstration.

For drone operators concerned about the potential expense of an accident due to power loss or other problems, Fruity Chutes offers parachutes for drone ballistic rescue systems powered by CO2 cartridges.

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