UAVs “a remarkable support tool” in counter-poaching ops – CSIR

UAVs and counter-poaching operationsThe national conservation agency SANParks in partnership with the Peace Parks Foundation (PPF) next month launches what is termed an “innovative wide area surveillance system”, one outcome of an extensive unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) evaluation project in Kruger and other national parks.The project was run under the auspices of PPF’s rhino protection programme and funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery and included the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) as the scientific and technical partner along with UAV supplier, UAV and Drone Solutions (UDS).

Overall it aimed at determining if and how UAVs can be applied in operations dealing with environmental asset protection. This broad umbrella includes countering rhino poaching and aerial environmental surveys covering, for example, the temporal and spatial dynamics of savannah elephants, fire management, monitoring aquatic systems, detection of radio frequency collared animals and as a survey tool for rhino guardian strategies.

The programmes placed, the CSIR said, “a substantial focus on developing advanced technology solutions to combat wildlife crime and protect South Africa’s rhino in the wild”.

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