DJI’s Inspire 2 gets a second camera for first-person video feeds


DJI’s been keeping busy in these waning days of 2016. Hot on the heels on its Mavic Proannouncement back in late September, the drone maker announced an upgrade to its giant Matrice 600 last week. Today the company held a relatively intimate event in Los Angeles to debut yet another two drones, even as it continues to deal with delays for its consumer line.

Both of today’s announcements are updates to two of the company’s existing, pro-focused lines. The big news, as it turns out, is the one we saw coming – an update to the Inspire, the line focused specifically on filmmakers and pro photographers.


No surprise, the company’s calling the upgrade the Inspire 2 (not to be confused with the Inspire 1 v 2.0). The system looks a fair bit like its predecessor, but is built around an aluminum alloy frame designed to decrease the system’s weight. The drone is capable of speeds up to 67-miles an hour, accelerating up to 50 mph in four seconds, while a two-battery system promises flight times of up to 27 minutes.

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