US man detained for flying drone near Taj Mahal

taj_mahal_reflection_on_yamuna_river_agraA US national has been apprehended by police after he allegedly flew a drone near the high-security Taj Mahal.

Officials said the incident was reported around 2 p.m. yesterday when a small white-coloured drone was spotted twice near the historical monument which is a tight security zone.

A joint search was soon launched by local police and the CISF, entrusted to guard the Taj Mahal, to check on the object and after few hours they spotted a man atop a nearby hotel preparing to fly the machine.

“The man, a tourist from Ohio in US, has been identified as R Nicholas. He was detained by police and brought to a local police station. Flying of drones or any other flying object is prohibited in and around Taj Mahal,” they said.

Prima facie nothing suspicious has been found in the flying machine and in Nichloas’s activities, they said, adding, police is investigating the matter.

Police has also informed the United State of America Embassy in Delhi about the incident, they said.