Intel AscTec Falcon 8 UAV

There is dark and there is light. Fire. How long is it in human hands? Out there, at night, by the campfire. Magic of this entire, beautiful and sometimes dreadful world around us. Fire can put us in a bubble. Glittering stories that seem like they starting right there behind us, when we step into the darkness. Or perhaps silence by the campfire. Warmth and we with ourselves. How much today we have improved as people, become more noble than, lets say, Chinese people from the 12th century when they invented fireworks? Talk about the fire on the website dealing with the last cries of technology is somewhat disjointed. But also to forget and stop feeling these little things is not difficult. The beauty of everyday life that is often taken for granted. While in fact… it is a great privilege.

In the same token, Intel is essential and present everywhere. Personally, I hope it will successfully go through the coming years and challenges associated with the difficulties manufacturing process. Somewhere, in the small corridors of this chip giant, light is not lost. Once I was at the festival of fireworks. Held by the river, at the turn. Fireworks reflected in a slow smooth water. It was fantastic. Well this is the fireworks of the future. Possible future of advertising also. Luxuriously, sophisticated light. See the following video. It is marketing driven but a primal magic is hard to miss.

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