This could be what the terrifying future of personal drones looks like

Hover Camera drone

In a world where a reality TV star has been elected president of the US, it seems increasingly believable that a culture where everyone is always being filmed, always able to share their most intimate moments at the push of a button, is coming.

Consumer drones have exploded in popularity in recent years. These flying camera computers have the ability to detect faces, follow people around, fly on their own, land safely, and perform all sorts of cinematic tricks that used to require helicopters, cranes, steady hands, and lots of patience. And the prices are falling all the time: DJI’s Phantom 4 dronecosts $1,100 and can avoid objects while tracking moving objects at over 25mph. And a new drone, from Chinese startup Hover Camera, aims to be the first affordable drone to normalize constant filming—like a pet paparazzo that can track your every move.

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