Report identifies challenges of emergency drone use

Belgium-based NGO the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) and Chinese UAV maker DJI have released a joint report, The use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) by the emergency services.

In April, EENA and DJI entered into a partnership for an in-depth analysis of how emergency services use drone technology with the aim of identifying best practices in terms of operational, technical, safety, privacy and legal issues. Four pilot sites were selected for the project, whose teams used UAVs for several months in a variety of operational scenarios: Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, UK; Donegal Mountain Rescue Team, Ireland; Greater Copenhagen Fire Department, Denmark; and Reykjavik SAR Team, Iceland.

EENA said five key challenges were identified at an early stage, and the participants were asked to identify best practices over the course of the project. Theses comprised: integration of RPAS in standard operating procedures; training of teams on the use of RPAS; hardware needs and maintenance; logistics; and the external framework for RPAS use.

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