Stone the drones! Australian who used UAV to buy a sausage could face $7000 fine

Australia’s Civil Aviation and Safety Authority has said it is investigating the incident over concerns that the flight violated safety rules.

Australia’s aviation authority is investigating a man for using a drone to retrieve and deliver a sausage.Sean Gallup/Getty Images


An Australian man who used a drone to pick up a sausage from a food vendor at a Bunnings hardware store and deliver it to himself in a hot tub is currently under investigation by Australia’s civil air authority.

The stunt was created by a filmmaker who posted the drone footage online (which has since been deleted) showing the man penning a note that reads: “Please buy snag and put in bag, here’s $10” as it set off for the sausage sizzle stand in Victoria.

After putting the note and money in a clear plastic bag, the man then attaches the bag to a string and flies over a busy motorway to a Bunnings Warehouse store to pick up his lunch.

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