Bud Light Becomes Drone Racing League’s First Major Sponsor

by Darren Heitner

It is time to take the Drone Racing League (DRL) very seriously. This morning, the DRL announced its first major corporate sponsorship in the form of a deal with Bud Light. The deal includes crowning Bud Light as the title sponsor of the 2017 Bud Light DRL Tryouts, which has been created to find the next great First Person View (FPV) Drone Racing Pilot.

The DRL also unveiled an official drone racing simulator available to anyone who has access to a computer and game controller. The simulator opens up the world of drone racing to the common fan, who can now fly the same DRL courses that they watch on television.

 “Since launching DRL in January, we’ve worked to bring the thrill of FPV drone racing to audiences around the globe,” said DRL CEO/Founder, Nicholas Horbaczewski. “Partnering with Bud Light to launch the DRL racing simulator is incredibly special for the league, as we continue blending the virtual and real worlds to build the sport of the future.”

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