Deutsche Telekom wants drones to protect vital infrastructure

Deutsche Telekom power plantby Colm Gorey

Deutsche Telekom, Germany’s telecoms giant, is reportedly working on turning drones into a connected security system that would protect vulnerable locations like airports, stadiums and other critical infrastructure.

While more familiar globally as one of the biggest telecom operators in the world, it now seems Deutsche Telekom seems its latest plans now lie in connecting drones, not people.

The news comes as Reuters reports the company is putting in place plans to roll out an advanced drone defence system that could protect a country’s critical infrastructure from any hostile drones that plan on causing any disruptions

As examples of what hostile drones could target, locations like airports, sports stadiums and power stations would be some of the more popular targets for anyone looking to cause any infrastructural – or even human – damage.

Last May, the organisers of the Euro 2016 football tournament in France revealed that it would be deploying drones around stadiums to counteract any hostile drones that would come within their 1km no-fly zone.

In Deutsche Telekom’s example, it is understood a number of car manufacturers in Germany have approached the company to develop a drone security system to prevent competitors and journalists taking photos of their prototype vehicles.