Drones bring savings for Oil and Gas Industry

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The first of many planned applications for drones is to make companies that operate in the oil and gas sector more productive and efficient. The oil and gas industry in North America has suffered billions of dollars in spending cuts, hundreds of thousands of layoffs and more than 100 bankruptcies in North America over the past two years. 
Survey grade mapping, as well as visual inspections, are services that UMI’s drones offer to increase efficiency and decrease risk in field operations. Other services such as well site planning, surveillance, and inventory assessment are provided to assist our clients with their business needs in a rapidly changing and expanding competitive environment.

As of 2016, detecting and stopping leaks is now required by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Please find the following description of UMI and what we can offer:

UM Inspections LLC (UMI), located in Fort Worth, Texas, is primarily an infrastructure inspection, right of way and facility inspection company focused on providing superior, low altitude aerial photography services, data collection, reporting, and modeling, via unmanned aerial vehicles, to Energy companies. UMI was formed to provide inspection and integrity services via the use of UAVs to perform these same types of functions at a fraction of the cost. The use of UAVs can transform dangerous tasks into safe data collecting missions. For example, the identification and visualization of damage or leaks on a pipeline system can be done efficiently and effectively without personnel being exposed to hazards or inaccessible terrain.


Mapping and Surveying Low altitude aerial photography services, data analytics, reporting and modeling via Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Energy and Infrastructure industries.  Provides surveying and inspections for infrastructure projects, including but not limited to, pipelines, right-of-way, facilities, and land surveys, among other related areas.



Thermal and Visual Inspections
IR Leak Detection
Sub-cm 3D Point Cloud Mapping
2cm LIDAR Point Cloud for Geo-referencing
Aerial Photography
Time Lapse Photography
Promotional Videos
3D Models & Point Cloud
Simple Survey

Job Descriptions
  • Disaster Response (Oil Spills / Flood Mapping / Fire Mapping)
  • As built Surveys
  • Pipelines & Right Of Way (ROW) Surveys
  • Site Surveillance (Security)
  • Disaster Response (Flood Mapping / Fire Mapping / Storm Damage)
Sample of the TRV project:
1 ” Point Cloud with Ground Control Points
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3D Surface
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Elevation Gradient
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Leak Detection:
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• Customers receive detailed survey and inspection reports, video and still images
• UMI has the ability to stop and investigate any issue that is identified during an inspection
• UMI sends UAVs into potentially harmful and dangerous conditions instead of sending a person
• UMI has exclusive access to next generation hardware (i.e. 82-gram, 41.5MP Cameras) integrated with leading AI Computing (NVIDIA Jetson Supercomputer), allowing for in-flight gathering and processing with 1Hr mission times.
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UM1 UAS Specifications
  • 1 Hr Flight time
  • 8 lb Max Payload
  • 42 MP RGB Camera
  • Point Clouds
  • Processing with Ground Control Points
  • Digital Terrain Model
  • Digital Surface Model
  • Contour Map
Multiple output formats: .dxf, .obj, .shp, .las, .jpg, Geotiff, etc.
We are beta testing integration all of our sensors with a NVIDIA mobile supercomputer for onboard object and leak detection processing which gets smarter the more we fly and collect data.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to pass this along if our services might be of interest.
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