Drones are the buzz in Lewes

Parks and rec urges council to consider regulations
Lewes Parks and Recreation Commission says it’s time for the city to consider regulations on drone use. NICK ROTH PHOTO

Lewes Parks and Recreation Commission say it’s time for city officials to consider regulations on drone use.

Commissioner Pres Lee said he was walking through Canalfront Park recently when he heard a buzzing sound from above. Looking up, he discovered a drone.

“That’s what gave me the idea,” Lee said. “Why would the city limit it to parks though? Should it be a citywide ordinance?”

Councilman Dennis Reardon, who attended the meeting, said he expects city council to discuss the issue at its Monday, Nov. 14 meeting.

Lewes would not be the first Delmarva municipality to pass a law regulating drone use. In June, Bethany Beach Town Council approved an ordinance restricting use of unmanned aircraft in the town. In Bethany, recreational pilots are allowed to use drones directly over their property or property they have received permission to fly above. Commercial pilots are permitted to fly unmanned aircrafts within the town, but they must obtain permission from the town for each day’s use.

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