‘Inferno’ director Ron Howard talks drones, Dante, Dan Brown

CNET asks Ron Howard: Are tech entrepreneurs the Dantes of today?


{Perhaps the most thrilling part of the film, though, is a chase that takes place through Florence’s Boboli Gardens, in which a drone is searching for Hanks and Jones as they attempt to shake the police and find their way into the Palazzo Vecchio.

The scene took days to shoot, according to Jones and Hanks. “Occasionally I had to go back into the Boboli Gardens and run away from drones that were not there,” said Hanks, who was also in Florence publicizing the movie. But it was not just filming the chase that was tricky. The crew also had to film the drone that was conducting the chase — something that often required two drones.

“It was my first time really being around the drones, and dealing with them,” Howard said. “There were times when we simply couldn’t shoot with a drone in the shot. So we would use the drone to shoot the shot and then digitally put in a drone.”

It’s clever camera work, but Howard credits Brown with the high-tech vision for the scene. “He brings absolute cutting-edge modernity into conflict in a way with history and I think it’s kind of epitomized in that drone sequence,” he said.}

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