Is the GoPro Karma for sale or isn’t it?

According to this article, the “GoPro’s foldable Karma drone goes on sale today” (Yesterday) but it is still listed as coming soon from the GoPro Shop and today is October 25th. (snippet of article and GoPro Shop below)

GoPro Hero 5 and Karma drone

“Launch day has finally arrived for GoPro’s first drone, following its introduction last month, but the company has a lot of ground to make up against its rivals.

While it may be better known for its rugged cameras, GoPro isn’t content to leave the drone market to companies like DJI with its Phantom range or new small Mavic Pro, which costs a similar amount as the Karma.”

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GoPro Shop

At the time of writing this article we were not able to find any online stores with the GoPro Karma in stock.  Is GoPro having manufacturing trouble?  Is the Karma not ready for sale?  We did find that BestBuy had a shipping date of November 1st.  I am sure there are many eager pilots standing in line money in hand!  What gives GoPro?