Bolt Drone Kickstarter


The Bolt is a carbon fiber drone that introduces the exciting world of first person view piloting and racing to everyone. It is the most versatile first person view drone that is available at a radical price point! Early bird Kickstarter pricing starts at $150 for the complete FPV Kit (Drone + Goggles + Screen  + Remote Control)  

• Featuring the world’s first modular FPV goggle and controller system using 5.8 Ghz transmission with HD camera, altitude stabilization and a carbon fiber frame, the Bolt packs cutting edge technology at a radical price point that offers amazing value.  The Bolt is a complete easy-to-fly solution that makes FPV drone piloting and racing accessible to everyone

• Three ways to fly: Line of sight, FPV with screen on controller and FPV with Goggles

Kickstarter coming November 2016