Veteran Flying Phantom 3 Aids in Hurricane Matthew Rescue

Take a good look at the picture below. In particular, take a look at the house on the right-hand side – the one with the single blue shutter.

A man and his dog are trapped inside. The water is just a few steps from their refuge on the second floor. The dog can’t swim.

No rescue officials know they are there – nor does the man taking the picture. At least not yet.

The photo was taken the morning of Saturday, October 8, by Quavas Hart. The 30-year-old from Hope Mills, North Carolina, had the foresight to charge his two Phantom 3 Professional (P3P) batteries before Hurricane Matthew struck the day before. A former paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division, Hart hoped to be able to use his Phantom to document the hurricane’s devastation and somehow serve his community.

That Saturday morning, despite initially strong winds, he threw his Phantom backpack in his truck and drove 45 miles from his home to dry ground near this location. There was no shortage of other places for him to shoot – but felt drawn as if by some unseen magnet.

“There was something pulling me to that neighbourhood,” he told us. He got out, put the P3P in the air, and snapped this powerful photo. Soon afterwards, after driving to another location, Hart Tweeted an Instagram photo from his @ImSoFirstaccount using the #Matthew hashtag and the name of the town: #HopeMills.

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