DJI’s Goggles put you in the cockpit of a drone

by James Trew
No, this isn’t another VR headset. These are video goggles from DJI. Why would you want a headset from DJI? Because it connects wirelessly to the company’s new foldable Mavic Pro drone, giving you a live, bird’s eye view from the camera (in 1080p no less). The idea isn’t new, in drone circles it’s pretty common to see bespectacled pilots, especially in racing, where “FPV” (as it’s called — first person view), is the only way to fly the drones at such breakneck speed. DJI announced the goggles (actually called “DJI Goggles”) at its big Mavic launch event last week, but they weren’t giving demos. We managed to get a rare ride inside them, and it’s a whole bunch of fun.

If you follow our drone news here on Engadget, you may have seen asimilar pair from DJI’s rival Yuneec. There’s a lot in common between these two products, at least aesthetically, but DJI’s offer a better resolution (full HD, rather than 720p) and connect wirelessly over the firm’s proprietary “OcuSync” video link for a cable free experience. Right now, the goggles only work with the Mavic Pro, but you can expect more DJI drones to be compatibile going forward.

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